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Posted by: Noktis (10-08-2014, 20:14)

Update: Patch v6.8

It has been a long time since the last game update. Nevertheless, from now on we can download patch v6.8 from the download section that is meant for verstions 6.5/6.7. This patch will add the Diablo Torch mod by Tiron. Diablo Torch introduces: new stash under the "quest" button, option to highlight items` names on ground [Alt], a list of shrines` effects, items` prices and few other things. The bar with Diablo Torch buttons can be hidden with "~".

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Posted by: Noktis (30-12-2013, 10:55)

Patch v6.8 in 2014

Unfortunately, I don't have time for modding, so version 6.8 is not going to be out at the end this year. You can expect version 6.8 and the final version in 2014.

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Posted by: Noktis (24-09-2013, 15:29)

New adresses of Awake Website and forums

Few days ago website adress of Diablo: The Awekening has been changed. I would also like to thank Przemo from service "Imperium Diablo", who has been sharing space on his server for awake website since 2005 year.
New adresses are for mod and for forum.

Soon new mod version of 6.8 should be released, which brings some improvements to the game. It is also possible that final version of Diablo The Awakening mod labeled as 7.0. will be released later this year.

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Posted by: Noktis (27-08-2013, 13:31)

Tunngle /

Few weeks ago Diablo: The Awekening Mod has been added to Tunngle Network. Now the mod can be played on both and Tunngle Network. Additionally article with instructions how to connect to both of mentioned networks has been included in left menu. Everyone who is interested is invited to get acquainted with Multiplayer section. Please make note that both and Tunngle Network require latest version of game. Also remember that in Tunngle Network, you will be able to see only these games that are created using the same version of game, which you are currently using. For example english NO-CD and regular game version, are in fact two separate versions of game.

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Posted by: Noktis (30-11-2012, 10:29)

MOTY 2012

Today has started new edition of Mod Of The Year Awards. If you like Diablo: The Awakening mod and want to vote, please go to and click green button "VOTE FOR THIS MOD".

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Posted by: Noktis (12-10-2012, 18:32)

Patch v6.7

Patch 6.7 has been released. It changes prices and the stats of all the uniques making the attributes much more random. Further patches will provide more upgrades to the game. Up-to-date stats of the uniques will appear in "Unique Items" section in few following days. (Available in English and Polish at the moment)

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Posted by: Noktis (17-09-2012, 14:29)

Diablo Awake's Site in Spanish

Awake's site is now available in Spanish. The translation was made by Alteza. I wanted to thank him very much for that. In addition I`m working on a new version of the mod, so you can expect patch v6.7 soon

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Posted by: Noktis (15-04-2012, 20:08) patch v6.6b

A new patch v6.6b is now available to download so you can play multiplayer on the online server again.

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Posted by: Noktis (28-01-2012, 19:06)

Battle net patch v6.6a

Due to unexcepted change of the IP address, an interruption in connection to the PvPGN server has occured, on which you played Diablo The Awakening mod.
A new patch v6.6a is now available to download so you can play multiplayer on the online server again.

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Posted by: Noktis (30-11-2011, 22:55)

2011 Mod of the Year Awards

Today has started new edition of Mod Of The Year Awards contest organized by If you want to vote please visit Diablo The Awakening, go to site and click green button "vote for this mod".

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